A Writing Exercise–Chantal Parker

Happy Monday, everyone! It's time for another characterization practice piece! I will openly admit--I wasn't very confident in this piece. However, that's not going to stop me from sharing it with the world! Practice makes perfect and sometimes it's worth showing the things with struggle with--if only so others don't feel so alone! The traits I had to incorporate were: stable, brave, standoffish, and selfish.


A Royal Mistake?- A LGBT Romance

Happy Friday, all! It's time for another random post for this blog (basically, Fridays are a free-for-all haha). Today, I decided to share an excerpt from a story that I may or may not write! I came up with the start of this story while writing randomly one day. I hope to eventually turn it into a full length romance! (Fair warning, it's a tiny bit saucy--mostly implied!)

A Summoning Gone Wrong

Welcome back to another Writing Prompt Wednesday! We had a wonderful prompt last week, and I look forward to sharing the piece that it inspired! I should warn you--this piece involves mentions of blood! I hope you enjoy it, and I'd love to hear what you think about it! The prompt was as follows: [18] Cathedral walls writhed and heaved as the gargoyles were roused from a millennia of static malevolence.

Rachel Vader- A Writing Exercise

It's Monday yet again, which means it's time for another characterization piece! I've always worried that I'm terrible at characterization, so I'm extremely thankful for this exercise. It certainly feels like it's making me a better writer! Please enjoy this short piece--I should warn you, there's mentions of blood and death. I'd love to hear what you think of the piece!

Jeran’s Light–A story in progress

Every so often, using the writing bot in the Writers' Room Discord, I'll participate in a sprint. A sprint is an event in which you have a time limit to write as many words as you possibly can. You can do it alone, or you can compete with others. Typically, when I participate in a sprint, I write randomly. I thought it's be fun to share a little bit of the unedited stories that I half-created while sprinting!

Lucky Numbers

Welcome to another Writing Prompt Wednesday! As per usual, I'm posting a short fiction piece that is the result of the prompt event in my writing Discord! (The Writers' Room Discord! There's a link to join on my page.) This prompt was a whole lot of fun to respond to, and I'm certainly considering turning what I wrote into a full story! This weeks prompt was: "[264] Every human has a 'luck rating' - a number from 1-100 that defines how lucky they can be. Born with a rating of 100, you're confined in a maximum security prison. You think your luck should get you out easily - that is, until you see that all the other inmates also have luck ratings of 100."


"Contradictions" is a short prose piece that I wrote a few years back. It was written late in the day, after I'd watched a movie that had left me feeling bright and bubbly and entirely unreal. "Contradictions" means different things to different people. If you give this a read, I'd love to hear what you think it is about!


"Bots" is an eerie short story that I wrote for a Discord event known as 'Hack Week'. This story follows a young girl named Natalie when a mysterious application downloads onto her phone. "Bots" will have you thinking twice about adding a bot to your discord server!

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